As a teenager, I began a struggle with disordered eating that, at its worst, brought me close to death. Around the same time, I also began to struggle with anxiety and depression. While my journey towards recovery from anorexia and bulimia nervosa was neither fast nor easy, many fantastic individuals offered me their support along the way. It was in the darkest of moments that I realized the true value of connecting with others in times of struggle, and I now hope to offer such support to others like myself. I still face a daily struggle with depression and anxiety, and sometimes this struggle can be unpredictable. I have experienced relentless self hatred, the turmoil of various medications, the crushing numbness, and the low point of losing the will to live. However, I have also experienced unconditional love and support. This support made me realize that I needed to begin working towards a major change, and gave me the strength to begin. I draw confidence from the knowledge that my story is one of growth, building strength, and not giving up. I now aim to pursue graduate education and eventually a career in Clinical psychology. I hope that sharing my story can help others struggling with their mental health to see that a better future is possible, even when it seems like there is no future at all.

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