2011. That was when I finally came to terms with my mental health struggles. 2011 I was diagnosed with multiple mental disabilities, that I had knew I had throughout my life. The conformation gave me peace of mind. Peace, comfort, and a surety about who I truly am as a person. I was the stereotypical introverted loner type throughout my years of school. I could never relate, never truly socialize on a basic level, nor understand situations around me.


I still battle these obstacles daily, but do not let them define as a human being. Mental disabilities are not quantifiable, nor something that can be easily placed in a box and simplified. They are not always visible to the naked eye, nor the naked ear. You tend to feel “different”, which begets the feeling of loneliness and isolation. You can feel alone in a group of people, or feel isolated even around your family. I went through the ups and downs of life, through the beginning till now, pre and post diagnosis. It was the understanding of what my obstacles were, and still are, and learning how to challenge perceptions created by myself and the world. Support from family and friends keep my head above water for so many years, during the darkest and the brightest.

 Always remember, the person next to you maybe suffering in silence, but do not know how to express themselves. Do not define a person by their illness(s), but do not begrudge them of patience, empathy, or understanding either. I was blessed with people who love and support me, and I am a better person for it. I have goals, dreams, and ambitions as anyone else does. I am working towards my honors degree in History; the world is my oyster is when I achieve it. Be kind to yourself and understanding, but make sure to be the best person you can be, as you owe it to yourself.

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